Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Knight Defiler/Brass Scorpion

Here is my Night Lord Knight Defiler/Brass Scorpion on the base that had previously been posted. Much of the model was inspired by Lemmingspawn's Iron Warrior Defilers over at DakkaDakka. While his Defiler became the basis for the look that I wanted, I still tried to make my own and somewhat different. Other inspiration came from looking at Transformers concept art, when it came to attaching various bits on.

Including the Defiler and a half that I used, there are various bits from my extra chaos vehicle sprues, the sword of a soulgrinder and random Imperial guard pieces that I stole from my roommate, which includes lascannons and the unused cannon from his Baneblade.

All of the limbs were pinned on and can be removed when I need to. This will allow me to paint it easier and it lets me adjust it I decide to change or add anything. This is also why only one of the legs has been painted on.

There are still a few pieces of armor plating that I have not attached yet, plates that will go on the legs and shoulders, I planned to glue them on when the rest of the model was painted.

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  1. Holy Smoke!

    I love Lemmingspawn's work - who doesn't - but this is freakin' cool!

    I'll link it later on Strictly Average if that's cool with you.