Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dark Eldar

Ever since I saw the new Dark  Eldar models, I've been wanting to build some of my own.

I don't have much at the moment, a squad of kabalites, Incubi and lord. While I'd rather go out and buy more sets right now, I'm staying put and trying to modify what troops I have into different poses.

For the Sybarite I tried to make him stand out.  For starters, I used the extra head from the Archon set. To go with the sword arm, I decided to give him a gruesome trophy The hard part was getting a hand to hold the lopped off heads. I ended up having to convert a left arm into a right.  

This figure ended up being a pain to complete. Again, I had to convert a left arm to get the position I wanted, I had to keep adjusting the arm to get the arm to look like its holding the rifle. I also had to remove the thumb because it was in the way and putty a new one.

Since I lack any other Dark Eldar sets such as Wyches, I used Dark Elf Corsairs weapons for these two.
I basically spliced the hands with the Dark Eldar arms. Haven't picked the right heads for these two.

For one of my last kabalites, I want him to hold his rifle in his left hand. After cutting the rifle free of the right arm, attached it to the new arm and used green stuff to putty fingers.

My Archon and Incubi, these were pretty straight forward so I tried to add more to their bases.

I plan on getting some Beastmasters, so I got Vampire Count Dire Wolves as Khymera.

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