Friday, January 13, 2012

Vampire Counts return

Since the Vampire Counts are getting some new stuff and a new book, I thought I'd bring back some of my own stuff from my on going Vampire Counts army.

A conversion for a Cairn wraith. The only part that isn't Wood Elf related is the scythe from the Zombie set. Building the model was fairly straight forward, the only thing that gave me any grief was getting the cape to stay in place.

I borrowed this conversion idea from an old White Dwarf issue. Originally intended to be used for spirit hosts, I changed my mind and decided to model it to either hide it among skeletons as a filler or use it as a banshee. I've managed to make two other ghosts, but I haven't decided how I want to attach them to their bases yet

My converted Black Knights. These guys have been built using a lot of spare bits.

I originally bought this guy so I could use the Wild Rider horse's head for my Mounted Vampire Lord.
Since the model came with an extra horse head, I was able to throw him in with my Black Knights. I added the skull to add a touch of undeath to the model.

The skeletons were made from Grave Guard parts combined with Dark Elf Cold One Knight legs with some green stuff to get them to stay on the horses.

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