Sunday, October 10, 2010

Space Wolf Raptors

Since the Thunderwolf Calvary uses bloodcrusher models as mounts, the army needed something more than just hounds or wolves.
Using Dark Elf Cold Ones, a total of four were converted to blend in with the Thunderwolf Calvary.

Fur was puttied with greenstuff on of the saddle to match the bloodcrushers.

Various bits were also glued on to the Cold Ones, from the Space Wolf sprue, such as the dangling fur pelts hanging from the reigns and wolf skulls.

For painting the scales, I first painted with codex grey, then I washed the body with watered down Chaos black. I then dry brushed the scales with fortress grey.
Spikes and teeth were painted with scortched brown, then bleached bone, and the tip was then painted with skull white.
The reigns were painted scab red and for fun I painted the tongues ice blue.

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  1. I remember playing these, but if I remember correctly I never made it to these before the game ended as all my transports were destroyed by longfang fire.
    -An eldar player-