Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vampire Blood Knight

After my Vampire Lord, I wanted to have another vampire mounted with a nightmare steed.

I decided to use a Blood Knight model but since I only wanted one as a Vampire Hereo, I chose the Blood Knight standard bearer.

I chose him because I liked the horse's pose and I liked the look of the vampire's helmet.
Since I was not going to use the standard, I cut away at the pole and pinned a spear tip from the Skeleton Warriors sprue.  I also swapped the shield for one from the Grave Guard set.

I also added on some decapitated heads left over from my Zombies set.
I've painted the model's armor with Knarloc Green. Next, I plan to add highlights with Rotting Flesh and several washes. Other sections of the armor will be painted gold and the horse will be a dark grey color.

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