Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Imperial Guard Commander

A commissioned Imperial Guard Commander made to look like M. Bison from Street Fighter, from beginning to end.

The lucky, armless, Catachan that became the  basis for the Commander

Early on, it was decided that he would be standing on top of a defeated foe, the legs were modified accordingly and then I began  sculpting with greenstuff. When working, I would sculpted a section, wait for it to dry and then begin the next.  

Here, I re-attached his arms before sculpting the fabric over them. When sculpting the fabric, along with a sculpting tool, I used a dull pencil.
To create the cape, used a piece of plasticard in the back and a piece of wire for the section that comes around to the front.

The head was pinned on so he would have a neck.

Sculpting the cape along with the fabric were the most difficult parts.

The Eldar victim, I modified the legs so it looked like he was laying down.

The two figures together.

Here he is with the shoulder pads, once again I used plasticard to create the shape of the shoulder pads and to support the greenstuff.

Next was painting.

The paint scheme of the Eldar, I based it off of the Biel-Tan Craftworld.

I was trying to do something different and include a camouflage on the cape using the army's paint scheme which was Scab red, Chaos black and Codex grey.
A lot of different washes were used on pretty much everything.

The finished model.

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