Thursday, May 26, 2011

Night Lord Possessed

A batch of Possessed Chaos Space Marines that I made a few years ago and I'm now trying to finish them. When I first made them, I combined the Possessed set with the regular Chaos Marines so I could make more guys. Ended up with ten of them. I hardly ever use them in regular games unless I'm just messing around or playing Apocalypse. I'm going to change that,  I want my Night Lords to stand out more in regular games so I'm going to play them as regular troops or as aspiring champions.

This guy is one of my favorites.

I've been trying to make the bronze look rusty and dirty , I use Shining Gold and Chainmail, then I add Brown ink, Scorched brown and Bestial Brown.  Then more highlights of Chainmail and Gold. it seems like I've been getting mixed results.

Heres another favorite of the bunch.

Still need to clean them up a little and paint details such as their eyes.

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