Monday, August 15, 2011

Custom Chaos Lord Painted

Back In 2010 I posted some images of a custom Chaos Lord that I was working on. Since then, I've finished sculpting the model and have been working to paint it.


The arms and legs were Chaos Terminator limbs while the head was an extra from the Chaos Terminator Lord. I simply trimmed off the forehead eye and flaps that from the head before pinning it.

I took Inspiration for the character's design from a few different Sources. I remember when I first saw The Chronicles of Riddick, I thought that the armor the Necromonger was cool.That was the start of it. The characters, Neo Zector and the gigantic Guyver from Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor played a part when I was making sketches, The villain, Lanancuras, from a cartoon called Shinzo probably ended up becoming the biggest influence.

I had no real plan, for when I started paining the figure. I messed around with blues like  Ice Blu and Shadow grey,  and other colors such as Codex Grey, Lich Purple with some random washes thrown in.

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