Monday, August 22, 2011

Apocalypse Daemon Lord

My best friend has a Baneblade for his Imperial Guard army, its always a thorn in my side whenever we play Apocalypse. I'm not satisfied with having just a  Brass Scorpion.  Looking through the Forge World Imperial Armour apocalypse book, I've decided to build the Khorne Daemon Lord Character.

Rather than buy the expensive Forge World Bloodthirster, I decided to use a toy and convert it. The figure I ended up getting was a Spawn VS. Urizen Deluxe Set 2. The figure is the same height as the ForgeWorld Bloodthirster and it fits the look of my Chaos Undivided Daemon army.

A size comparison between the daemons.
First thing I had to do was remove an energy explosion from the figure and sculpt over the hole it left.

The base has been the biggest conversion so far. I used the original base of the Urizen figure but I had to saw off a chunk to fit in on a round base. I used a round wooden board that I got from Hobby Lobby. Apoxie Clay was added and skulls are being used to decorate the base.

I've thought about adding wings but I have not been able to find any that would be the right size.

On top of every thing else I have to do, I have not yet been able to think of an suitable paint scheme for him.

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